We use a variety of ingredients in our bakes, all hand selected and tested to ensure we achieve the best products possible. 


We use a variety of organic flours in our bakes, depending on the desired texture we require. All of flours are sourced from Shipton Mill and Doves Farm

Shipton Mill produce the finest flours in the Cotswolds valley near Tetbury. After growing up in the cotswolds I was aware of the local mill and instantly knew I wanted to use their quality and speciality flours in my bakes. 

Doves Farm are a household name when it comes to organic and gluten free flours and have been producing speciality flours from their grains since 1977. We use a variety of their gluten and gluten free flour blends in our bakes. 


We use a mixture of sugars, sourced from Tate & lyle and Billingtons. Both provide different and distinctive textures and flavours to our bakes. 

Tate & Lyle have our 130 years of experience in producing sugars and sweetners. We use a mixture of their caster and brown sugars to make the sweet treats you love and enjoy. 

Billington's began trading in tea and coffee but soon after began trading in sugar. Billington source the highest quality and fair trade unrefined sugars. Their signature golden caster sugar is our key ingredient in our soft and delicate vegan scones.


We source all of our fresh fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. They are grown and produced by small groups of farmers, who carefully hand pick each item to ensure the highest quality. All of our fresh produce is delivered in eco friendly packaging with zero emission fleets of bicycles and electric vans.


Our chocolate is sourced by both Callebaut and Moo free. We use a mixture of their chocolates depending on the desired product. We also make our own white chocolate in house, using fair trade certified cocoa butter, which we use to coat our baked donuts and other baked goods. 

Callebaut have been producing and perfecting their chocolate since 1911. All of their chocolate is fair trade certified and partners with the Cocoa Horizon Foundation. For every pack we buy, Callebaut reinvest in sustainable cocoa farming.

Moo Free, a 100% vegan chocolate company started to produce dairy free alternatives in 2010. All of their products are 100% organic and all start from cocoa sourced from the the San Francisco de Macoris area of the tropical Dominican Republic. Moo free partners with the UTZ/Rainforest Alliance which helps their farmers protect the environment by using sustainable land and environmental practices. 


We use the finest vegan butter available, made by Naturli. It is 100% dairy free, contains no palm oil and is made using the highest quality non-GMO ingredients.


Our vanilla is sourced from Littlepod, who produce a range of sustainable vanilla products. We use a mixture of their bourbon vanilla extract and natural vanilla paste/pods. All of their products support community projects in the vanilla-growing region of Madagascar via Blue Ventures