About Us

Zola's Bakery (Named after my beloved dog Zola) is a vegan bakery specialising in plant-based cakes and treats. Founded in 2019 under the name Portia Bakes Vegan, we started off baking in our East London flat, baking for friends and local markets. Interest quickly grew and we expanded our cakes across the UK shipping orders through lockdown.
Learning from my Nan at any early age, I was inspired to recreate some of those bakes using plant-based ingredients. Fast forward to 2022, our baking journey took us to Scotland where we opened the first 100% vegan cafe in the borders. We now offer a wide variety of cakes and savoury options which are all produced onsite and by hand. Alongside our huge variety of treats, we also serve coffee by the badass team at Girls who grind coffee. Learn more about them here!

 Meet my Dog Zola, she is a cross between a jack Russell terrier and a Pug. Her favourite snack is cucumbers and she loves cuddling up on your lap for belly rubs. Unfortunately, Zola didn't have the best start in life and is a little anxious around people, so if you ever see her around feel free to say hi but don't be afraid if she has a little bark at you, that's just her way of saying she's a little scared.